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something About me

I am Thomas, an amazing human being who will work tirelessly to create the website your users want with a touch of je ne sais quoi to make your head spin.

Let's connect, I can't wait to show you how fun and rewarding designing a website can be!


Nursery service company.

World Look.

Analytics for the pharma industry.

Robin Harwell.

Financial Advisor.


Communication app.


What people say about Thomas.

"I am completely satisfied with Thomas' work, the end result of his work was attractive, clear and well structured. It boosted the number of leads I got and allowed me to be contacted by a larger number of companies. In addition, I would like to thank him for his responsiveness and speed of execution! I highly recommend him!"
Julie Vanderroost, Picarre
"Working with you has been such a pleasure. You are always the go to person that we can rely on to. Your work is carried out to the highest standards which shows your work ethic and passion."
Andrew Pizzey, BNY Mellon
"It was a great experience to work with Thomas.  He exceeded our expectations and we are really satisfied with the final design. He helped us complete the website  by using a clear and easy to follow process. We are really happy with the result, thanks Thomas !"
Hugo Vanthournhout, World Look

What i do.


My clients get the product that has the best combination of outstanding user experience and visual aesthetics.

Website Development

By designing in Webflow I am able to deliver a fully responsive website with a clean, semantic code. This saves my clients huge development costs.

Landing Pages

When it comes to landing pages,
I deliver an all-inclusive package.
I design, build, host and you'll get a responsive page.

Say Hi !

Not kidding, you'd be missing the opportunity of a lifetime if you didn't contact me. Am I overdoing it a little? Well, maybe a bit. Anyway, my mom says I'm doing a great job, and she also says you should email me with your project description. And what's for sure is that you shouldn't disappoint my mom, she's a great mom! Anyway, I look forward to reading from you soon!